Case Study 1 – The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patient

carpal-handPatient aged 55 with long standing pains in her right hand and on-going.  Her mother and sister suffered from the same problem in the past. She is a carer at home and also works in an office working in front of the computer.  She came to see the GP for a diagnosis.The GP using the Sheffield scoring system scored a 4 diagnostic of carpal tunnel syndrome.  The form and the referral letter were faxed over to Yorkshire Carpal Tunnel Service following which a call was made from the booking centre  within 48 hours of receipt.  Patient was booked in to have as assessment and operation on a one stop basis with the Orthopaedic Consultant.  This is a real life weekly case study to show how quick and responsive this personal NHS  service is, better than  some private clinics. Parking is free and cancellation of operations have not occurred!

This is true NHS service in the community.